Southmost family mourns death of girl killed by electrocution

It was a somber day at the Delta Funeral Home as many have came by to pay their final respects to Anay Alamillo.

The 8-year-old girl died after being electrocuted at her Southmost home.

One family members says she wants the public to know this tragedy did not happen because of lack of parental supervision.

Anay TMs body was placed in a white casket as her family and friends attended a viewing in her memory at Delta Funeral Home in downtown Brownsville/

The Cameron County Sheriff's Department said the girl was electrocuted on Tuesday evening.

Sheriff Omar Lucio said she was swimming at a neighbor's pool then came still wet and somehow was exposed to an electric wire on the back porch of the trailer home.

Relatives said despite some reports, the girl did not come in direct contact with the wire and that the incident was strictly accidental and not due to parental negligence

Anay TMs aunt Maria Alamillo spoke to Action 4 News about the 8-year-old girl TMs death.

"It's not true that there was an exposed wire, Maria Alamillo said in Spanish. The trailer home is old and over time the wire may have gotten damaged but the wire wasn't misplaced or in open air. It was an accident. The parents didn TMt have that cable there on purpose or because they were negligent." The group Brownsville Raza got involved to help and raised enough funds to pay for the all funeral expenses.

They've also gotten donations for food and drinks from community members as well as students teachers and staff from Palm Grove Elementary School where Anay was a student.

A rosary will be held Delta Funeral Home at 7 p.m. Friday.

A funeral Mass will be held tomorrow at San Jose Catholic Church in Brownsville at 12 p.m. Saturday.