Southmost girl dies after electrical accident

An 8-year-old Brownsville girl is dead after she was electrocuted by live wires for a washer and dryver in her yard.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Anali Alamillo was reportedly swimming at her neighbor's pool on the 6000 block of Pierra Avenue.

The 8-year-old girl decided to walk home and was in backyard when she came into contact with a loose electrical wire for a washer and dryer on the ground.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said Alamillo was found unconscious by her 14-year-old brother.

"Investigators found wires near the washing machine on the back porch, Sheriff Lucio said. I understand it was a two twenty volt which is very powerful and can be deadly."

Family drove Alamillo to the Valley Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Sheriff Lucio says no charges have been filed but an autopsy has been ordered.

Lucio said he incident appears to be accidental.