Southmost woman jailed after toddler found next to canal

Yolanda Rangel // Brownsville Police Department Photo

A Southmost woman is facing criminal charges after a 2-year-old child got out of her house and was found wandering alone next to a canal.

Brownsville police arrested 59-year-old Yolanda Rangel on a child endangerment charge on Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators told Action 4 News that police officers were called out to a canal on the 1500 block of Monterrey Drive after a man found the toddler walking alone.

Officers reported that the 2-year-old was found next to a canal that had water and that she child could have fallen in while unattended.

A family member came out and identified the child as his niece and said Rangel was supposed to be watching the toddler and other children at a home off nearby Linda Lane.

Rangel told officers that she was putting an 8-month-old child to bed when the 2-year-old must have gotten out of the back door unnoticed.

Officers arrested Rangel for neglectful supervision because the 2-year-old could have fallen in the canal and drowned.

Rangel remains in custody at the Brownsville City Jail where she is waiting to face a judge and receive a bond.