Space heaters, cold weather supplies flying off Valley shelves

Managers at Lowe's told Action 4 News that outdoor pipe insulation products, propane gas and space heaters are flying off the shelves.

Some people are also snatching up plant and faucet covers.

Lowe's employees said they will also be protecting their own stock of plants by taking them indoors - as they recommend you do at home...

Rio Grande Valley residents who want to protect your home but don't know where to start -- employees here are prepared to guide their customers...

"We do have employees that have the experience and will be able to give them the advice that they need to help them protect their plants and piping outside as well as keep helping them keep warm inside to supplement if they don TMt have for instance AC in their homes, said manager Erica Flores.

If they are out of a certain item, Lowe TMs employees said they will try to accommodate their customers by ordering the items from another store in the Valley.

Lowes management told Action 4 News that they are running very low on space heaters.

Employees said stores will remain open until 9 p.m. Tuesday and will reopen at 7 a.m. Wednesday.