SPI Police: Man tasered, believed to have weapon on him

South Padre Island Police Department: Danthony Perez

A man was charged with Evading Arrest by South Padre Island police after he ran away from three officers.

Police thought Danthony Smith was grabbing a weapon from his car parked in the back area of Dirty Al TMs Restaurant.

After an officer attempted to approach Smith, he fled the scene.

Two additional officers were called in to help search for the 21-year-old, who was believed to be hiding in between Dirty Al TMs and Breakaway Cruises.

Officers began chasing Smith on foot after they saw him running towards Padre Boulevard.

Records released to Action 4 News on Friday show that Smith was carrying a small, suspicious red bag.

South Padre Island police said he held the bag in front of his body with both hands as he ran.

In fear that Smith was reaching for a weapon out of the bag, an officer said he tasered Smith.

The 21-year-old fell to the ground and was taken into custody.

The Arlington native was asked why he ran away from the officers.

Although he did not have a weapon on him, Smith said he ran because he was scared.

This happened on March 17, the last day of the Texas Spring Break holiday.

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