SPI ready for Spring Break 2010

Thousands of college students are making their way to South Padre Island for Spring Break, business and officials told Action 4 News they are prepared.

For Saul Trigos, who works at a souvenir shop on the Island, the college students are welcome news.

"Spring Break is always one of the points that we make good money," he said.

Spring breakers are expected to inject millions of dollars into the Valley economy.

Trigos knows this and so he made sure his shop was prepared.

"We bought merchandise for Spring Break, he told Action 4 News. A lot of spring breakers stuff, sandals, we fixed the store in the inside and the outside."

A large number of students are expected to arrive this weekend, as the Texas universities go into spring break, but businesses are not the only ones preparing.

"Where we can be where were needed, when were needed would be the idea," South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith said.

He added that he has been meeting with other agencies to coordinate efforts in keeping everyone safe, but that they also need help from the spring breakers.

"Put items out of sight that might be in a vehicle that you have unattended you don TMt want to leave those in plain view, secure your luggage, keep track of your items, stay in number of groups of friends," he said.