Spirit Of The Valley: Little Girl's Wish Comes True

Norma Lynda Zepeda / McAllen Boys and Girls Club

Seven-year-old Jenessah has alopecia, a condition that makes you're hair fall out.

It's been tough for her to grow up with all the stares, but now, she got her wish, a wig.

Jenessah and her twin sister Julissah may not look like twins now, but in a few moments, Jenessah gets the transformation she's been wishing for.

Jenessah's went to Butterfly Boutique to get her first wig.

For years, Jenessah has been the center of attention for her lack of hair.

"She started losing her hair little by little until finally it all fell out," said Virginia Macias, Jenessah's mom.

It all started right before she turned 3 years old.

That's when her mom said she found a bald spot on Jenessah's head.

"I was just hoping that it wasn't anything worse," said Macias. "I was just hoping that it was just that, and I thank God that that's all it is."

Now Jenessah gets a full head of hair.

It was at the McAllen Boys and Girls Club where Jenessah first voiced her dream that she wanted a wig, so that she can look just like her twin sister.

Jenessah told her arts and crafts teacher that she wanted the wig.

"People have been cruel to her. When we're children, we tend to be cruel," said Norma Lynda Zepeda, the club's resource developer.

Zepeda said the arts and crafts teacher told her that Jenessah wanted a wig, and they immediately found a donor to buy one for her making Jenessah very happy.

"She made my daughter's wish come true," said Macias.

Jenessah's mom said she loves her daughter with or without hair, but she's just happy to see the smile on her daughter's face when she wears the wig.