SPI's Wanna Wanna gets Chipped Plate for Explosive Interview

A month-long series of special Food 4 Thought reports recognizing the good, the bad and the dirtiest of Valley dining continues.

But before the Golden Plate Award show on May 19th, which honors the very best, the Food Patrol has picked out some of the worst moments of 2010.

They're called the chipped plate awards.

Two restaurants are already featured winners: Osuka's in McAllen for worst roaches in August 2010 and La Botana Grill in Harlingen for unearned sticker advertisement in February 2010.

With the help of the Food Patrol girls, two more restaurants earned chipped plates.

Xalisco Mexi Cafe in Edinburg is one of them.

"It's demeaning what you do," Xalisco's owner, Simon Madera said.

The eatery was ordered shutdown in May 2010 for roaches.

The infestation was considered a major health threat so the county temporarily revoked its permit.

But the owner didn't win a chipped plate for the filth in his restaurant, rather for the worst excuse on Food 4 Thought.

Food Patrol: You were shutdown because the health dept. came in here and said you've got a roach problem so bad that you're unfit to stay open...

Owner: Well if one sneaks under the door.

That shameless excuse in the eyes of Food Patrol fans earned the restaurant a chipped plate award.

The fourth and final chipped plate award went to the restaurant where the most explosive and controversial interview took place: Wanna Wanna's on South Padre Island in June 2010.

Food Patrol: Do you really need to curse...

Owner: Oh I do... With you... You'll need more than that.

Food Patrol: Do you think it sounds healthy with the cross contamination violation?

Owner: That means that you pick up a shrimp to cook it... You pick up a strip of chicken to cook it... And that's contamination.

Food Patrol: Does that sound healthy?

Owner: Well what do you do at home when you cook? Do you wash your hands between the salad, the chicken and the steak?

Food Patrol: I'm not a restaurant owner...

Owner: I can tell that...

Food Patrol: I'm not a restaurant owner... We're here to expose your kitchen... Not mine.

Owner: All right... Lets go buddy... Give me some more.

The Food Patrol did question her some more.

The owner, identified as Penny, was questioned for everything from rodent contamination to insect contamination.

They were all violations shown on Wanna Wanna's health inspection report.

Penny didn't want the information to air on Food 4 Thought.

Owner: You're trying to make the violations different from what they are...

Food Patrol: No I'm not...

Owner: Yes you are...

Food Patrol: I'm going to explain exactly ... Penny... We appreciate your time... Owner: No you don't.

Unseen footage that aired Thursday evening, showed the Food Patrol on tape trying to encourage Penny to earn a sticker on her next report.

It was not well received by the owner.

Food Patrol: We look forward to a clean inspection report...

Owner: What you look forward to is none of my business... What we do here is clean... Goodbye.

As with all chipped plate awards, past performance by a restaurant is not an indicator of its current status with the health department.

Wanna Wanna scored zero demerits on its most recent health inspection report.

Watch Food 4 Thought Wednesday nights on Action 4 News at ten for inspection report results for all Valley kitchens.

The Golden Plate award show continues Thursday May 12th and will reveal the dirtiest restaurant of the last year.

It's followed by the cleanest kitchen episode, where the all new Golden Plate Award winners will be announced.Click here to watch the unedited interview at Wanna Wanna TMs that TMs posted on Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook Fan Page**Warning for Obscene Language**