Spoiled eggs, moldy corn dough and expired raw meats in dirty kitchens exposed

Frida's Grill & Cantina is this week's top performer

El Ahorro on 3505 International Boulevard in Brownsville is the dirtiest kitchen this week on Food 4 Thought.

The supermarket scored 51 demerits on a July 14th inspection.

Citizen complaints led kitchen cops to the dirty dining.

Violations included expired raw meats, a cross-contamination of raw chicken stored above dough, flies in bread, corn dough with mold, spoiled eggs and dirty equipment.

Kactus Kafe on 301 Mexico Boulevard in Brownsville voluntarily closed after inspectors busted the restaurant with a potentially dangerous violation.

The restaurant scored 25 demerits on a July 23rd city check-up.

Their commercial cooler is found not properly working during the inspection.

An inspector noted the temperature in the cooler at 89 degrees.

It TMs supposed to be 41 degrees.

There are also labeling violations on food.

Some foods show an expiration date 11 days old.

The food in question is thrown away.

There are also open containers of food and no towels for proper sanitation.

La Exclusiva Tortilla Factory on 606 East Business 83 in Pharr isn't keeping it clean.

Roaches are discovered by an inspector in the back kitchen.

There are missing towels in a bathroom, unlabeled foods along with broken windows, tears on door mesh and an opening in the roof of the kitchen.

Frida's Grill & Cantina on 209 South 17th Street in McAllen is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The family run restaurant has been open for nearly four years.

The atmosphere is described as rustic elegance.

The food is described as home cooked.

Owner Sergio Luna says his mother Adela Ortega is the executive chef.

Her specialties include oysters Rockefeller and cheesecake empanadas.

"She is able to put the love that she gave us from when we were children into our restaurant to pass it on to our customers," Sergio said.

Food Patrol fans can look for the sticker on the door.

It's *the* symbol for a clean kitchen.

Sergio says the award is something his whole family can be proud of as well.

It shows my employees, which include my mother, my spouse and myself, that we all take pride in what we do, he explained. When we get something like this it shows| it helps my kitchen get noticed| and recognizes the hard work."

You know what the Food Patrol says to that "Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleEl Ahorro 3505 International (51) *Flies in Bread, Mold in Corn Dough*Kactus Kafe 301 Mexico Blvd (25) *Voluntarily Closed, Expired Food 11 Days Old*

PharrLa Exclusiva 606 E Bus 83 (13) *Roaches in Back of Kitchen*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenFrida TMs Grill & Cantina 209 S 17thNew York Deli 829 DoveWhich Wich 7700 N 10thBurger King 1101 S 10thRusso TMs Pizzeria 7017 N 10th

BrownsvilleAntojitos Yoly TMs 2055 SouthmostRudy TMs 2780 N Exp 77Subway 2500 E University

AlamoStar TMs 104 N Alamo RdTaqueria El Zarape 145 W Duranta

PalmviewChurch TMs Chicken 1117 Veteran TMs BlvdTaco Express 495 & Bentsen Palm

HarlingenSubway 509 S Exp 83La Botana Grill 902 Dixieland RdQuiznos 3002 Heritage WayMr Gatti TMs 1208 Exp 77

San JuanPollito Grilled Chicken 700 N I Rd