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      Spring Break Ready on SPI

      Spring Break Ready on SPI
      Young college students having the time of their lives along the beaches of South Padre Island, is the highlight of a Coca-Cola Beach promotional video.Many college students consider it the place to be during Spring Break. The promotional images are a far cry from the video that surfaced last year of the brutal stabbing of 21-year-old college student Derek Madrigal.Although tragic, law enforcement officers and business owners on the Island tell Action 4 News, it shouldn't reflect the Island TMs safety.Cameron County Parks Police Chief Horacio Zamora said the Island is still one of the safest destinations for college students."You will have isolated incidents like that, they can happen anywhere, Zamora said. Unfortunately it happened here, we're hoping it doesn TMt happen (again this year). We're getting as much man power as we can on the beach."To ensure safety, Island police are making changes at Coca-Cola Beach.This year the area where about 25,000 college students are expected to gather daily, will be surrounded by a removable fence with three points of entry.Police, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, and code enforcement officers will be stationed at each entry point.There will also be several first aid stations. Canopies will no longer be allowed and the men's and ladies TM restrooms will be separate. Officers will keep a close eye on the crowds atop three watch towers.Zamora said Spring Breakers need to use common sense."Just be smart, use logic when you're out here, don't get intoxicated to the stage where you don't know what you're doing or passing out, Zamora said. Stay in a group and stay in a safe zone where your friends are at."Business owners don't believe Madrigal TMs stabbing will have a negative effect on Spring Break this year. They are hoping to generate just as much sales tax revenue as they did last year " approximately $275,000 in March.Omar Gonzalez, manager at Wave, said they TMve been stocking up on merchandise."They don TMt care about it, they just come they have fun and that's it," Gonzalez said.