Stabber targets wrong victim

A Harlingen man said he was caught off guard when he opened his front door last Monday.

Clemente Izaguirre said the person on the other end was looking for someone, who wasn't him and stabbed him numerous times.

The original report claimed gang violence, the victim says he's not in a gang and wants to set the record straight.

"I walked from there to over there, bleeding with my guts hanging out, Izaguirre said.

Izaguirre is lucky to be alive.

He can barely walk and it TMs hard for him to breath.

He was stabbed 3 times--a total of 45 staples that makes a zipper across his body.

"He came to knock banging on it real hard," he said.

Izaguirre said he was watching a movie with his family and thought the banging was coming from the television, but the banging continued. Izaguirre got up to answer the door--not knowing he was about to thrust himself into a life and death situation.

He was calm he didn TMt say anything, I told him what do you want what TMs your problem and he just told me, your my problem and starts stabbing me Izaguirre said.

The suspect is 21 year old Ruben Torres.

The family claims Torres was at the wrong house. They said neighbors told them that Torres was looking for someone because he had knocked on several other doors.

Authorities told Izaguirre that Torres is a gang member.

"I looked down I felt warm on my body and I looked down and I saw my guts hanging out."

But the nightmare didn TMt end there. Torres took off along with his buddy and almost ran over Clementes TM son---who saw the entire incident and ran over to help his dad.

Clemente said he's just lucky to be alive.

Torres is currently facing charges for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Clemente Izaguirre and his family do not feel safe in their home and plan to move as soon as possible.

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