Stalkers using GPS systems in phones

Domestic abuse shelters across the country say phone GPS systems are making it harder to keep victims safe.

Stalkers are now using newer technologies to track every move.

That's because a global positing system chip in your cell phone can let people know exactly where you are.

"They will follow them, they will find out where they are at", said Rosalinda Rodriguez with Mujeres Unidas.

"We have had clients that have struggled to get here", said Rodriguez.

Mujeres Unidas helps victims in abusive situations, and Rodriguez has seen firsthand how abusers can use GPS to track victims.

"For example while they were circling the area, their aggressor was following them and texting them", said Rodriguez.

"Finally this particular client was able to come in," Rodriguez says since GPS and other technologies have unexpectedly made it easier for abusers to find their victims, extra safety measures are in place at Mujeres Unidas.

Rodriguez tells Action 4 News, I know that in the shelters that we work with it is a policy, a must that every client needs to turn off their cell phone, even our staff.

Along with turning off cell phones being on the internet is also not allowed, including sites like Facebook. Rodriguez says at the end of the day it's all about keep clients safe.

"Safety is a priority because this can get fatal, said Rodriguez.

According to a report from the US Justice Department more than 25,000 adults in the US are victims of GPS stalking every year.