Starr County Deputies out in full force for the holiday season

The job can be tough--demanding at times and not even the holidays can keep it from becoming a little hectic.

"Crime doesn't take a rest and neither should law enforcement," Starry County Deputy Erasmo Rios said. In the last few weeks--Rios said officers chased numerous suspected drug and human smugglers.

He told Action 4 News smugglers believe this is the time of year to move their loads.

In the smugglers mind, Rios explained, they will lose less money if they move during the holidays because people are spending more time with their families.

But that line of thinking, Rios said, does not ring true for those working in law enforcement.

"Law enforcement doesn't die down we're always out here," Rios said.

Whether there is a routine traffic stop or a call about reckless driving--deputies are there.

"A call came in regards to a reckless vehicle heading this way--one of our officers is trying to locate itright now."

While that officer attempted to find the reckless driver--Deputy Rios started to scour a known drug areas in Starr County.

He said that reckless driver could be a decoy.

"What these scouts will do is try to draw our attention away with erratic driving and so forth--to lure usaway from these known drug areas," Rios explained.

As Rios combed some local drug hot spots he did his best not to give out valuable information over the radio.

"The police scanners aren't hard to come by...these criminals will pick them up like they will a dollar atthe grocery store."

Rios said, lately, law enforcement have resorted to other ways to get the message across.

"A lot of law enforcement officers rely on their cellular phones to relay information, but sometimes it gets a little difficult to give information to dispatch, the officer, and concentrate on what you're doing," Rios said.

While Rios admitted this could be a daunting task--he said it is something they have to do to make sure valuable information does not fall into the wrong hands.

If you see any suspicious activity happening in Starr County call the Sheriff Department at 487-5571.