Starr County Judge says he won TMt pay property taxes

Starr County taxes

A newspaper ad in Starr County accuses Judge Eloy Vera of tax evasion.

The ad was placed in Periodico Enlace by Basilio D. Villarreal Jr, board president of the Rio Grande City CISD.

Action 4's News talked to the judge who said he doesn TMt even plan on paying most of those taxes. Action 4 News obtained the documents that show thousands of delinquent property taxes under Judge Vera TMs name.

Records show Judge Vera owes nearly $30,000 to the Rio Grande City CISD tax assessor collector.

Some of the documents list unpaid taxes that date back as far as 1995.

Many of those bills are listed under Judge Vera TMs company Vera Enterprises.

Action 4 News visited Judge Vera TMs office to ask why he hasn't paid these taxes.

He said the majority of unpaid property taxes shouldn't be under his name because it TMs property he sold through his company.

He said clients are not filing the lots they purchased so property taxes are listed under his name.

My first impulse was I TMll go pay them but then I said why should I? Judge Vera said. I need to run my business as a business, and giving money away is not good business.

Judge Vera said he has sold over a thousand properties in Starr County.

About ten years ago the judge ran into a similar situation and paid nearly $40,000 in delinquent taxes and was never reimbursed by his client.

Judge Vera said it TMs common for business owners who sell property to have delinquent property taxes.

He said he plans to pay his property taxes, but not the taxes under his name that belong to other people.

The newspaper ad also states Judge Vera owes property taxes in Starr County and Roma ISD.