Starr County prepares for dam break

Falcon Dam

Starr County officials held a mock drill today to talk about how they would respond if Falcon Dam were to be dangerously full or completely break.

"The dam can only hold so much water before it would give way so they have to monitor how much water can be in that dam to be on the safe side and then release enough out of it to not release to much downstream but allow the dam to be conserved, Barry Goldsmith, National Weather Service said. Because if the dam breaks everyone in the valley is going to flood."

Despite the region being in a drought, officials say it would only take a hurricane or tropical storm to cause the Rio Grande river to flood.

More than 30 area agencies were on hand to talk about using social media to alert residents of flooding and how to safely evacuate areas in danger.

The goal is to prepare for events like Hurricane Alex which caused flooding in the region back in 2010.

"We didn TMt get much rain here but it rained in Mexico on the mountains, and all that rain went into Falcon lake," Gene Falcon, emergency coordinator for Starr County said.

Officials say with a growing population in Starr County and no levees on the Rio Grande River, having a plan in place is a good idea.

After all, you can lose part of your home, but you don TMt want to lose your life, Goldsmith said.