Starr County successful in cracking down on arrest warrants

Serving warrants

For the first time ever, the Starr County Sheriff TMs Office teamed up with the Office of the Attorney General to crack down on arrest warrants.

The three-day operation busted 28 people and the sheriff TMs office is calling it a success.

Before sunrise, a team gathered in preparation to execute Operation Starr.

For three days, the Starr County Sherrifs Office, Rio Grande City Police, Roma PD and the Texas office of the Attorney General joined forces to crackdown on those with outstanding warrants.

Starr County Sheriff Warrants Officer Erasmo Rios told Action 4 News working together makes all the difference.

"This is something that TMs very unprecedented, Rios said. "We bring manpower and resoures together and a lot more people to the table bring ideas."

Operation Starr closed out 42 warrants after arresting 28 of the 35 people they attempted to locate.

The majority of the warrants were issued due to delinquency in child support, and when combined those arrested owed over half a million dollars in back support.

"Having a child as you know comes with responsibility," Rios said.

Non-custodial parents behind on payments weren't the only ones targeted.

"Some of them did have ties to possession of marijuana, aggravated assaults, minor assaults and revocations," Rios said.

Rios said he's happy with the outcome of Operation Starr and hopes the message is clear.

"Here in Starr County we're attempting to reiterate to the public any crime with a warrants issued is not taken lightly, Rios said. Slowly but surely you will be brought in."

Rios wants to conduct future operations like this once or twice a year with the hopes of achieving the same if not better results.