Starving, emaciated horse lands Edinburg man in jail

Jose Luis Rodriguez // Hidalgo County Jail Photo

An Edinburg man is facing animal cruelty charges after authorities allegedly found his horse starving and emaciated from malnutrition.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested 29-year-old Jose Luis Rodriguez on an animal cruelty charge on Tuesday afternoon.

Court records released to Action 4 News show that deputies were called to a ranch off Malibu Drive just east of Edinburg city limits.

Deputies found a 3-year-old horse lying on the ground.

Investigators reported that the animal appeared to be suffering from malnutrition with its ribs and spine clearly visible.

According to court records, the horse had started to eat tree bark and cactuses in an attempt to feed itself.

Witnesses told deputies that Rodriguez is rarely home and that they never see him feeding the horse.

Deputies seized the horse and discovered that it had never been dewormed and that it only weighed 350 pounds when it should weigh at least 800 pounds.

The horse is receiving veterinary care while Rodriguez is out on a signature bond.

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