Stash house demolished

Two weeks ago Action 4 went inside one of the valley's most unsanitary stash houses ever found.

Tuesday that home was demolished.

"This is an avenue they won TMt be able to exploit again," U.S. Border Patrol RGV sector spokesman Henry Mendiola Jr. said.

Smugglers used the home to hide immigrants on their journey north.

Border Patrol agents detained 44 illegal immigrants found hiding in the home May 6, and judging by the amount of trash surrounding the home, chances are it wasn't the first group who had stayed there.

When authorities contacted the property owner in Houston, he vowed to tear it down.

"We were fortunate enough that the property owner realized the issue at hand here and took it upon himself to send a crew in and demolish the property, Mendiola said.

Local law enforcement officers and Border Patrol agents hope that other property owners in the area who may have run down structures like this one can do the same.

"At least it takes another worry out of my head knowing its gone and we won TMt have any problems out here again, Willacy County Precinct 5 constable Mario Salazar said.

While this is the first stash house Salazar has seen knocked down in his precinct, he hopes it is a warning to smugglers he won't tolerate them.

"Stay out of my precinct," Salazar warned smugglers.If illegal activity is going on in your neighborhood you can contact the U.S. Border Patrol at 1-800-863-9382.