Stash Houses - A breeding ground for disease

On Monday federal agents raided a home just north of 5-mile line on Bentsen Palm Drive in Mission.

Inside that home they found over 50 illegal immigrants who were living in complete filth.

"They had a makeshift kitchen full of dirty dishes and trash, Border Patrol Agent Rosey Huey explained.

You can tell they were sleeping on the floor and there was dirty clothes everywhere. It was just horrible conditions."

Those deplorable conditions could lead to serious health problems in the future.

"Anytime you incubate disease in a situation like that those with longer incubation periods---like chicken pox or tuberculosis"won TMt be seen for several weeks to several months, Dr. Bryan Smith, research director for the department of state and services, explained

With a lack of washing facilities, Dr. Smith told Action 4 News the spread of disease is inevitable.

But adds, there is also a mental aspect|something that will last a lot longer than any illness these immigrants might contract while they seek out the American Dream.

"People come expecting hope and a new and better situation--but they're taking advantage of, Dr. Smith started. They are dealing with severe mental stress. We need to remember to have compassion and that people need to be treated as people."