State investigation reveals neglect at memory care facility

It's a report that raised some eyebrows in the case of Don Lee, a resident at Canterbury Court in Harlingen who suffered from dementia and hypertension.

The former state representative escaped from the memory care facility back in August, and was found dead in a nearby field three days later.

Lee's family says the facility assured them that their loved one was safe.

"They bragged about how they never lost a patient," said Don TMs son Delton Lee.

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services launched an investigation.

Their report cites Canterbury Court for violating the resident bill of rights and neglecting Don Lee.

Their findings of wrongdoing, Canterbury Court's executive director Erica Moreno says, are out of line.

"The surveyors that came in here weren't very informed, I should say, said Moreno. They were questioning wandering, they were questioning elopement. To have to explain that to them shows that they weren't very informed to begin with."

The report states that the facility was well aware of Lee's tendencies to escape from the facility, and even caught him doing so a few times.

One section of the report outlines that an alarm should have gone off to alert staff that Lee had exited the building, but when they investigated, the alarm was not working.

"The door did chime and the alarm did go off, said Moreno. And I'm not really sure why the surveyors put that."

But seeing how the facility is defending their actions has only upset the grieving Lee family.

They say Canterbury Court is trying to brush the tragedy under the rug, and save face for their own reputation.

"This was a life that was lost, said Don TMs daughter-in-law Terri Lee. This isn't a puppy dog, this isn't a misplaced piece of paper. This is our father, our father-in-law, who we lost. He died. I just think they're really making it as if it was absolutely nothing."

The facility says there are multiple statements in the report that are false, and have filed an informal dispute resolution to get their record removed.

"We did follow all procedures and protocols, said Moreno. We are not a maximum secured prison, we're not anything like that. We are an assisted living, we do not provide one-to-one care."