State Offers Special Home Loans For Vets

With interest rates at their lowest levels ever, now is the time to buy a house or make improvements to the one you have, especially if you TMre a veteran.

The state is ready to help any and every veteran make a home of their own.

Eduardo Aguilar just moved back to the valley after serving three tours in Iraq.

He is returning to where he grew up to raise his growing family.

"I TMm hoping my family gets bigger, Aguilar said. We need a house."

While money is tight for many families, the Texas Veteran TMs Land Board is lending a hand.

"We thank the veterans for their service and we are here to help," Jimmy Smaragdis said.

Smaragdis is the marketing specialist for the board and he says now is the time for veterans to take advantage of the below market interest rates they provide for those who have served their country.

"They can't beat the interest rates on home loans right now, their fantastic, it's a great time to buy a home, Smaragdis said.

Already have a home? The loan board can help finance home improvements.

"We can do up to a $25,000 loan for up to 20 years for substantial improvements like a new roof or floor, Smaragdis said.

To qualify you must have served 90 days active duty, live in Texas, and have received an honorable discharge.

For more information on how you can receive a loan call 1-800-252-VETS or visit