State rep candidate campaign tent, materials vandalized

Political tension is rising after state representative candidate Robert Pea Jr. TMs campaign materials were vandalized.

It happened outside an early voting polling location in Edinburg Sunday night.

With no incumbent, the state representative race for district 40 is an open playing field.

When Pena arrived at his campaign's tent off Closner Rd. in Edinburg Monday morning he found the tent had been disassembled and campaign posters thrown on the ground.

"It wasn TMt the wind, Pena said. They must see me as a front runner and feel a little threatened by it I guess.

No other candidate in the campaign area received any damage.

Pena did file a police report with Edinburg Police.

This is not the first time Pena TMs campaign has been targeted. Last week anonymous anti Pena propaganda was distributed through the mail with no political disclaimer.