State Rep. compares current illegal immigration to Cuban Exodus

State Representative Rene Oliveira said Thursday that 90,000 unaccompanied, undocumented children mainly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, will cross the U.S. - Mexico border illegally, by September.

The vast majority, he added, are expected to be between the ages of 5 and 14.

"Anybody who doesn't blame it on a failed - on the failure of our federal government to deal with immigration reform, is foolish," Oliveira said.

The democratic state representative compares this wave of mass illegal immigration to the exodus of Cubans in the 1980 TMs.

Then, as now, these refugees are fleeing their homelands to save their lives.

"They're people with parents that were slaughtered in front of them, children that have been raped, people with no food, Oliveira said, and they're spending their last few dollars paying a coyote to try to get here."

The state has allocated $47 million to be used this year on resources for apprehension.

However, Oliveira said federal funds should also be disbursed to local communities like Brownsville, that are dealing with the economic impact and can't afford to house these undocumented immigrants.

Oliveira adds that the first order of business, above laws and cost, should be humanitarian relief.

Something, he said, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Governor Rick Perry are ignoring.

It's so anti-immigrant out there that it's a real sad thing, Oliveira said. Particularly now, when people are pouncing on these children as if they brought this on themselves. It's a tragedy and it's a tragedy that needs national, state and local attention."