Stealing BMW car rim lands man in jail

Armando Longoria // Cameron County Jail

A man is behind bars after he stole his neighbor's BMW rim while the neighbor was not home, authorities claim.

Armando Longoria was arrested on Friday, after the neighbor reported that when he arrived home, he saw Longoria leaving with his rim and tire in Olmito.

The neighbor told authorities Longoria was taking it to "see if it fit on one of his vehicles," according to an arrest affidavit.

When the neighbor confronted him, he told Longoria he was going to call police.

Longoria allegedly said he did not care and left walking.

The neighbor filed criminal charges against Longoria, and authorities arrested him for stealing the BMW alloy spoke wheel and tire.

Longoria was also booked at the Cameron County Jail for previously stealing another neighbor's window air condition unit months prior to the rim theft.

Longoria received a $1,000 bond for the two charges and was placed behind bars at the county jail on Friday.

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