Steets of Speed: Speeding Concerns in Brownsville

Cynthia Santiago doesn TMt hold back her disgust for speeders in one Valley school zone.

They TMre stupid, she said.

But other parents outside Cromack Elementary School in Brownsville aren TMt so quick to call them out like that. Many do agree though speeding is a problem along 30th Street.

"I don't even think about letting them walk home... It TMs not even an option," said Eloisa Gonzalez who TMs a mother of two at the school.

The Speedzapper found plenty of safety measures in place to protect pedestrians and students alike outside the school with a road hump, warning signs, a reduced speed and school crossing guard. Santiago said she witnesses speeders bypassing them and believes they are putting students lives at risk.

They TMre stupid and need to slow down, said Santiago. As harsh as it may sound to some, Santiago calls it the truth.

Click on the video link to judge for yourself in this week's Streets of Speed!