Stepfather kills toddler while watching World Cup

It was at Greens Pointe apartments that tragedy struck Saturday evening.

"They looked like good people, so I don't think they would do that," said William Morquecho.

McAllen police said 27-year-old Hector Castro was watching the World Cup on Saturday when he allegedly became so upset with his stepdaughter for crying during the game that he beat and suffocated the two year old.

"They look like a happy family," said Morquecho who lives near the family. "The kids were always running around and they look like they were having fun."

Neighbors like William Morquecho said they are in shock that the stepfather would allegedly commit such a crime especially when the family seemed so united.

Neighbors said as the little girl was taken to the ambulance, she was blue in the face.

"The cop had told the family that the little girl had already passed away and there was no savior, and the mother fell to her knees crying," said Morquecho.

Castro was arrested and according to police, he's already given a statement to investigators.

"He admitted that he did strike the child, and this is all part of the investigation," said Sergeant Joel Morales with the McAllen police department.

The child had several injuries including broken ribs.

A screw was also found in her throat.

Castro is facing capital murder charges.