Stepmom jailed for trying to pull girl's tongue out with pliers

Gloria Gonzalez

A San Benito stepmother is behind bars after she allegedly tried to pull her young stepdaughter's tongue out with a pair of pliers.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested 33-year-old Gloria Emilia Gonzalez on two counts of injury to a child on Tuesday.

Deputies also arrested her 35-year-old husband Victor Mauricio Gonzalez on a tampering with a witness charge.

Court records released Thursday show that Gloria Gonzalez is accused of physically abusing her stepdaughter.

The records case started after San Benito Consolidated Independent School District official notified Child Protective Services (CPS) about a concern of abuse.


Court records show that CPS investigators documented that the young girl has injuries on the mouth, breast and legs from abuse that happened back in April and May.

The girl told investigators that her stepmother kicked her in her private parts and used a pair of pliers to pinch her breast and her lips.

In one incident, Gloria Gonzalez allegedly used the pliers to try to pull out the girl TMs tongue.

The girl told investigators that when she did not open her mouth, her stepmother used the pliers to pinch her breast to make her open her mouth.

Gloria Gonzalez was allegedly so upset that she pushed the girl into a hot stove burning her right leg leaving a scar.

Court records show that the pliers cut the girl TMs gums and lips.


A neighbor allegedly told Victor Gonzalez that his daughter made an outcry about the abuse.

Victor Gonzalez allegedly confronted his wife but she denied it.

Court records show that one of the girl TMs 5-year-old brother witnessed the abuse.

But the boy allegedly told investigators that his father told him not to answer any questions about what happened.

Court Appearance

Both Gloria and Victor Gonzalez appeared before Cameron County Magistrate Judge Kip Hodge on Wednesday morning.

Judge Hodge issued $80,000 dollars in bonds for Gloria Gonzalez and a $7,500 dollar bond for Victor Gonzalez.

Victor Gonzalez posted bond but Gloria Gonzalez remained in custody at the Cameron County Jail as of Thursday morning.

Jail records show that U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have filed a detainer against Gloria Gonzalez.

The case remains under investigation.