Sticking to New Year TMs Resolutions

Millions of Americans will hit the gyms over the next few weeks to shed those extra pounds.

Action 4 News spoke to Valley weight-loss professionals to get tips on how to stick to the New Year TMs resolution.

"You need to choose a program that best suits you, your lifestyle, your schedule," Dawn Rodriguez said, she heads up the surgical weight loss program at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

"Little steps goes a long way, Alex Anpadu added. Don TMt try to bite off more than you can chew."

Anpadu is a personal trainer at 101 Fitness, a customized training gym in Brownsville. "Everybody cannot do everything on their own, you need a support system, he said. You got a New Year TMs resolution, you don TMt have much to support you then your not gonna, after two, three weeks your gonna get tired of it."

He said a good way to get a head start on your weight loss goals is making it a family affair.

"Instead of spending two to three hours in the gym, you can take your dog to walk, have all your family go play some basketball or soccer," he said.

Anpadu added that the key to success is making a change that will be easy to sustain, something Rodriguez at Valley Baptist agreed.

"To say I need to lose 50 pounds, it's really farfetched, she said. You need to set smaller goals, say I'm gonna lose five pounds this month."

Smaller goals, she said makes it easier to stick to the resolution, but she warned that the commitment must be there.

"If it's just a trend, something to help you lose ten pounds and that's it then you back to your old habits, you're gonna gain the weight back and then some," Rodriguez added.

Both also agree that the most important step before starting any regimen or diet is to get as much information as possible.