Still no sign of a missing elderly Mission man

More than a month ago, a missing man flyer was stapled to Modesto de la Rosa TMs house.

The flyers were placed around town in effort to find 70 -year-old Modesto de la Rosa.

We have done almost the impossible," Modesto TMs daughter, San Juanita De La Rosa said.

Yet days and weeks have gone by -- and still no news of the missing man.

San Juanita said for 15 days she's been pleading with Interim Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez to continue the search for her father.

She tells Action 4 News she had a dream that her father would be found in a canal along 2 Mile Line.

Well they didn't find him, now we have to continue the search," she said.

Modesto went missing on June 8.

The family said he walked everyday and believe he may have fallen in a Mission canal along 2 Mile Line during one of those walks.

Mission fire crews, police and the water district drained three canals in the area in an effort to find the missing elderly man. I was shaking from fear, I thought I was going to see my dad TMs body there but at the same time I was asking God not to find him. thank God," San Juanita said.

San Juanita said she stayed after all three canals were drained, anxiously watching as they emptied the last drop.

No signs of Modesto, the anxiety and worries continue for the family.

They refuse to lose hope and will continue to search for their missing loved one.

We TMre putting up flyers everywhere, walk to different areas in the brush, at the ports of entry and in the canals," she said.

San Juanita said whatever the news maybe, good or bad, they family just needs closure.

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