'Stolen boyfriend' suspect claims no role in sexual assault

Tina Marie Trevino // Cameron County Jail Photo

Tina Marie Trevio is the third and final suspect involved in the bearing and sexual assault assaulting the 20-year-old woman.

The incident happened back on August 11th when one of the three women suspect in the crime thought the victim stole her boyfriend from her.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested suspects Crystal Yvette Martinez and Alicia Martinez last week.

The two women are out on bound but Sheriff Omar Lucio said deputies caught up to Trevio and charged her for her role in the crime.

Sheriff Lucio said Trevio spoke to deputies about what happened.

Trevio allegedly told deputies that she agreed to helping beat up the victim.

But Trevio claims she was not involved in sexually assaulting the victim.

"She came out here because she knew that we had a warrant for her arrest, Sheriff Lucio said. She gave a voluntary statement that she did attack this young lady and that she was involved in the physical assault, but never in the sexual assault."

Sheriff Lucio said she is still being charged with aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault since she was involved in the attack

Trevio remains behind bars at the Cameron County jail under $45,000 dollars in bonds.