Stolen items on ~Harlingen FB Estates Sale' lands six behind bars

Harlingen Police Department

After a victim of theft saw her stolen property on the Facebook group known as Harlingen FB Estates Sale, Harlingen police were able to track down the six people who allegedly had been working together to sell stolen items on Facebook.

Rafael Ortega Jr., Andrew Lawrence Banda, Valerie Nichole Agado, Ayisha Michelle Sanchez, Daniel Jaime Hernandez and Joseph Saldivar were all arrested in connection to a scheme of stealing and selling stolen items.

The Harlingen Police Department assigned the Target Response Unit to arrange a meeting with the suspects, but when they noticed the people they were meeting with were uniformed officers they ran in an attempt to flee.

Harlingen police were able to arrest the fleeing suspects, and a search warrant of the residence was issued.

Inside, they recovered several stolen items.

Police believe Saldivar committed burglaries to supply some of the stolen items to the group.

After searching his vehicle, police found additional items inside.