Store owner catches a shoplifter in action---asking for help in identifying woman

Sheryl Lopez told Action 4 News that she could not believe her eyes.

"You can't really trust anybody, I guess," Lopez said.

A $300 dollar Hello Kitty doll was taken from her store Little Surprises in McAllen. "They distracted our employee and stole the $300 Hello Kitty, Lopez explained. They didn't see that we had cameras. One of the girls noticed the next day that it was missing." Lopez said she reviewed the surveillance video and caught the crime in action. She said the woman walked in with two small children..she said they browsed around and then the crime spree began.

"Those little beanie clips are about five dollars per clip and it looks like she took some of those, Lopez said. I would say she took another 40 or 50 dollars worth of merchandise."

Lopez said it was not the loss of money that upset her"it was the fact that the woman seemed to be using children to commit the crime. "It's wrong and to have kids involved in help these adults take that cat." Lopez decided not to file a police report"instead she is taking matters into her own hands. She hopes the video will help to identify the alleged thief and bring her to justice. Lopez is offering a reward"if you have information on this case you can call 661-1515.

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