Stranger tries to save dying boy on SPI

Toddler killed on South Padre Island

As Ruben Martinez of La Feria was leaving Beach Access 5 on South Padre Island with his two young boys Saturday afternoon, the flow of traffic suddenly hit a stand still.

Something was wrong.

Martinez made his way to a crowd of people hovering over someone.

That TMs when he saw a little boy TMs body lying on the ground. "His face was glossy, his lips started turning blue," he said.

Authorities said a man in a maroon 4x4 Ford F-250 was driving on Beach Access 5 when the 2-year-old boy ran in front of the truck, causing the boy to fall to the sand.

Martinez said the boy TMs mom was shocked and his dad was screaming.

Even after serving in the army for years, Martinez says no one could have emotionally prepared him to watch a 2-year-old die.

Martinez is trained and certified in performing CPR.

He got on the floor, started his 20 compressions and gave the boy mouth to mouth.

It left him with the taste of blood from the boys throat.

The entire time we kept doing compressions I wanted him to scream just to know he was alive," Martinez said.

Everyone was hoping for a sign of life. "Is he alive is he alive? Martinez said the boy TMs father asked. At that point I didn't want to tell him he lost his little boy.

Medics at the scene found a faint pulse, giving the family some hope. "The dad was just screaming ~save my son, save my son, TM today TMs Fathers Day, he shouldn't have to go through that," Martinez said.

The little boy died at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

Cameron County Park Rangers are ruling this tragedy an accident and the driver faces no charges or citations at this time.

Martinez wants the family to know that he tried his best and didn TMt want to give up.

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