Street lights bring security to Colonias

It is a place where children play and dogs lounge out in the middle of the street.

Except for a few passing care|.9 1/2 Mile just off of Moorefield road in Alton is pretty quiet, that is, until night fall.

"If you notice---now we have these bent ones. The car came, took down our mailbox, hit this post, and all those other ones over there, Pierre Garcia showed Action 4 News the damage a vehicle caused a few months ago to he and his neighbors fence. But Pierre was not worried about the fence, that could be fixed, he was worried about something else|.."I was more afraid because usually my mom starts watering the plants at night."

Luckily, that night, his mom was safe and sound inside their home.

Recently Commissioner Joe Flores authorized 20 plus solar street lights to be placed in Colonias through precinct three.

Two of those light ended up on Pierre TMs street.

Since there installation he said he and his family feel a sense of security.

"They help us more. People can see that there is someone outside and they'll take it slow---they won't pass fast through here."

Pierre said, now, he and his family can enjoy the great outdoors even after the sun has set.