Street lights needed in ~dangerous TM rural community

A woman in rural Donna wants Hidalgo County to install street lights in her neighborhood.

Rosie Doherty was looking forward to wide open spaces and tranquility when she and her husband bought a lot of land in South Donna.

We wanted it to be quiet, but it TMs been everything but quiet here, she said.

Instead, over the past two years she TMs discovered her neighborhood is dangerous and she said she doesn TMt feel safe living there.

People just speed down Stites Road, Doherty said. It TMs just out of control.

The tip of the iceberg came early Monday morning when a driver drove straight through a dead end onto her property.

When she woke up the car was completely on fire.

I was amazed that they didn TMt let me know. The car could have exploded, she said.

Doherty believes street lights would deter crime and prevent car crashes.

The cops will ask 'did you see anything, what color was the vehicle?' Yes I saw the vehicle go by but we don TMt know what color it is because it TMs so dark, its black here," she said.

One of her neighbors died during a home invasion and another was the victim of a burglary.

Doherty said even human traffickers use the area because a nearby orchard provides cover and shelter.

"I have a disabled veteran father which I worry about, she said. They want to put him in a nursing home and I don TMt think this is appropriate, I need to do something."

We contacted an Hidalgo County official who said there is no money set aside in the current county budget to install street lights in rural neighborhoods and there are no requirements for them to do so under current county subdivision rules.

"I know everybody is here to serve and to protect but they come after the damage is done, Doherty said.

Since the county can TMt install lights, Doherty has installed some of her own on her home, but she complains those lights are not powerful enough to light her property.

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