Streets of Speed - Brownsville family's neighbor gets zapped

Looks can be deceiving on Tanglewood Drive in Brownsville. "They'll race down here," Jorge Vallejo said. The street is nestled between two major roadways in the city. Vallejo is upset commuters cut through the street at high rates of speed. "To avoid the light at Port Isabel and Coffeeport," he said. The residential street has a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. The Speedzapper set up shop in the middle of the roadway to see if drivers failed to obey the law as feared. The results were clear with a speed limit average at 32 miles per hour between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. Jorge and his wife Rose personally wait for the school bus when they can to make sure their kids are safe after school. Bus drivers apparently do their part too-- the Tanglewood way, according to Vallejo. "Sometimes the bus drivers...when they come drop off the kids... They have to go ahead and block the street because they won't even stop," he said. Drivers in question don't stop for buses or the Speedzapper for that matter. The handful who were caught on radar, at least 10 miles per hour over the limit, did not want to appear on camera. "Miss |32," the Speedzapper said. "No thank you," the driver responded as she drove off. As with most neighborhoods, the problem with speeders only gets worse as the afternoon wears on. And while motorists on Tuesday refused to talk on camera, there was one speeder who couldn't avoid the situation. "Jesse" lives a few houses down from the Vallejo's. He was caught on the Speedzapper's radar driving 34 miles per hour. The Speedzapper confronted him after he exited his vehicle. Speedzapper: "Do you know what the speed limit is thru here?" Jesse: "20." Speedzapper: "Do you know what your speed was?" Jesse: "No." Speedzapper: "34." Jesse: "Oh man. That was me right now?" Speedzapper: "Yea." It's a mistake that could turn tragic for anyone. "You've got kids... You've got families out here... You've got people who walk in the evenings," Vallejo said. "Jesse" agreed there was a real concern. Speedzapper: "Will you slow down?" Jesse: "Yea definitely." One driver, one street, one unmistakable message for speeders-- "You've been zapped," the Vallejo's said!

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