Streets of Speed - Bus driver zapped at elementary school in McAllen

Think only the Speedzapper's tough on speeders?

Thomas Carroll has some pretty tough words for those who break the speed law outside his girlfriend's daughter's elementary school in McAllen.

"Anything they do is a blatant disregard for the safety of our children," Carroll said. "Coming through here speeding... There's no excuse for that... They're putting everybody at risk."

He truly means everybody too.

From the smallest children to pets even grown ups who line up outside Seguin Elementary School along West Vine Avenue can become targets, according to Carroll.

"Sometimes we walk up and down this street so we take a chance ourselves with praying that somebody doesn't come through here flying and hits somebody on the side," he said.

Seguin Elementary sits near 29th Street.

Safeguards in the area include children crossing signs, a reduced speed limit to 20 miles per hour before and after school and McAllen ISD police officers who patrol.

One school parent, Adelina Yarrito, said she doesn't think it's enough.

"These guys are just going by and we're in a line and they're just going."

The Speedzapper changed things up Tuesday afternoon.

Armed with a radar gun, drivers were zapped in hopes of raising awareness outside the school.

Speedzapper: "You're going 10 miles per hour over the limit."

Unidentified Driver: "I'm sorry I didn't realize it."

Speedzapper: "You didn't see the elementary school right here?"

Unidentified Driver: "Yes, I did."

One driver who was zapped admitted she wasn't paying attention to her speed while trying to pick up her daughter at the school.

Speedzapper: "Do you not see the elementary school right here?"

Anna V: "Yes I do."

Speedzapper: "Why were you going so fast?"

Anna V: "I'm going back that way so I can pick up my daughter."

Speedzapper: "So you're actually a parent here at this school."

Anna V: "Yes, I'm actually a parent. I'm sorry I wasn't looking at my speed."

Even a McAllen ISD school bus driver was caught on the Speedzapper's radar driving over the limit at 27 miles per hour.

The driver behind the wheel of district bus #102 would not comment on his apparent speed.

Adelina Yarrito said all drivers should be setting a good example for the kids.

"Now they know somebody is watching them and that is a good thing," she said.

It's one school with one message: slow down or zapped!

"I think if Ryan Wolf wasn't out here doing this... We'd all be in danger," Carroll said.

"You've been zapped."

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