Streets Of Speed - Cause & Effect Speeding

Jorge Martinez doesn't know it yet, but his call for the Speedzapper outside PSJA north in Pharr, is about to bring quick results.

"People are just driving way too fast," Martinez said.

But for every cause on Streets of Speed, there TMs an effect.

"It's dangerous out here especially with kids coming out of school and everything," Martinez said.


"This is your citation," said a Pharr police officer to a speeder from the scene.

After all, somebody has to pay the price for breaking the speed law.

This is Lydia Juarez.

Lydia: I came to pick up my boys.

Speedzapper: So you're a parent here? Then you did know it was a school zone?

Lydia: Yes.

Speedzapper: And do you know what the school zone speed limit is?

Lydia: Yes.

Speedzapper: What is it?

Lydia: It's 20."

That's a problem. She was busted on police radar speeding 31 miles per hour.

Jessica Saucedo was also driving above the school zone speed limit.

Speedzapper: Did you know you were in a school zone?

Jessica: |"

In addition to PSJA North, Long Elementary faces Raider Drive. While it's 20 miles per hour along the road, the speed limit is 45 miles per hour at all times along Nolana Avenue.

Martinez wants to see that change.

"At least a change in speed limit... and for it to be enforced," he said.

Nolana Avenue at the school is a state road. TxDOT has specific guidelines to determine a speed limit near a school.

The road only warrants warning signs and blinking lights, according to a TxDOT representative.

Although that could change based on new study results in the future.

Martinez is just glad to see the Speedzapper taking action.

"As you can see by us just being out here they are already hitting on the brake," he said.

Saucedo, who was busted for speeding, is not glad to see the Speedzapper.

Speedzapper: The good news is... your actions will likely get others to slow down... is that good news?

Jessica: |"

It TMs a clear example of cause and effect on Streets of Speed.

"Everybody has precious cargo... we get kids... we wanna see them grow up... we don't want something tragic to happen around here," Martinez said.

Speeders, you TMve been zapped!