Streets of Speed - City agrees to safeguard Edinburg road following zapping

Take a relatively straight street on the outskirts of Edinburg, add a hump in the middle of it with a paved over canal and Susie Salinas says you get a recipe for disaster when drivers speed.

"The car jumps," she said.

That's exactly what people say happened in a single vehicle fatal wreck last week.

A mangled gate where the car flipped sits hundreds of feet away from the hump off Russell Road or Mile 17 and a Half near Sugar Road.

Police say alcohol and speed are factors in the crash.

Susie lives across the street.

"Nothing's being done," she said.

Her property has been in the line of fire as well.

Susie's fence is broken and in pieces.

Her neighbor, Sylvia Jaimez, is considering the possibility of relocating her home further away from the street.

She counts more than a dozen accidents linked to speeders and the makeshift hump.

"I need to move my house a little bit back," she explained. "That's what I'm going to have to do."

People who live in the area say they've urged the city to take more action in the past.

Some believe rumble strips or even signage to indicate a hump would help alert drivers to the possible danger ahead.

Edinburg police put up a speed wagon to try and get drivers to slow down by flashing their speeds.

Susie fears it's not enough.

"I think they should level the street at the canal."

Nearly two dozen speeders have received tickets by officers in one morning alone.

But once police leave, the speeding returns.

"I'm late picking up my son," one driver said.

She is caught on the Speedzapper's radar driving more than 10 miles per hour over the posted 30 limit.

What's worse to some people is the fact that she is knowingly breaking the law.

Speedzapper: "Do you live here?"

Speeder: "I live around here."

Speedzapper: "So you know what the speed limit is?"

Speeder: "Yes. 30."

The city manager's office agreed to bring immediate safety measures to the hump after the Speedzapper reported the neighborhood concerns.

Police also say they'll continue to ticket drivers. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Twitter Page

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