Streets of Speed - Driver, Onlooker 'Go Down' on Camera in La Feria

The Speedzapper TMs the first to give credit, where credit is due.

And speeds along South Main Street in La Feria on Tuesday afternoon, were for the most part, at or below the 20 miles per hour school zone limit.

There are two schools in the area: Sanchez Elementary and the La Feria Academy.

But there's always one person who trips up.

In this instance, the sole speeder caught on camera took the lion's share of the "gotcha" moment this week in La Feria.

Speedzapper: "Hello miss... Do you know you're speeding in a school zone?

Carolina: No.

Speedzapper: Do you know what the speed limit is?

Carolina: Yes. It's 20.

Speedzapper: What does it say on the [radar]?

Carolina: 32."

Not only is Carolina Caceres unaware she's speeding, her excuse for breaking the law is cause for concern to some.

Speedzapper: "Any reason why you're going so fast?

Carolina: I'm going to go pick up my child."

The Speedzapper shared that excuse with drivers in the area.

"Very selfish, Jessie Dollard said. I just don't understand why she would say something like that."

Speeders zapped on Streets of Speed, often put themselves before others.

"I watched you the other night when one lady got really upset," Dollard recalled.

She's referring to an incident in San Juan last month.

Remember the way the driver mocked the Speedzapper who questioned her in front of police?

Speedzapper: "How come you were going so fast?

Speeder: Oh... How come I was going soooooo fast? Get out of here!"

It TMs not the same attitude this time around from the driver who was zapped.

Speedzapper: "What message do you have for other drivers around here?

Carolina: To drive careful in the school zone.

Her statement proves it's not how you fall on Streets of Speed; it's how you get back up.

"You've been zapped!"