Streets of Speed - Exclusive video of 6 year old involved in hit & run

Mission police arrest the driver involved in a hit and run outside an elementary school on Tuesday afternoon.

The man is expected to face a number of charges when he TMs arraigned on Wednesday.

Action 4 News is the only station at the scene of the alleged crime just after 3pm.

Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf was filming an episode of Streets of Speed at nearby Martinez Elementary School when reports first surfaced of the hit and run at Castro Elementary.

It TMs there where EMS personnel surrounded a 6-year-old on a stretcher.

His little face displayed what can only be described as signs of pain.

"The guy's coming at a high speed... And the little boy was crossing in the middle of the street... And he just ran right over him... And bumped him up against the curb," Vernon Mitchell, eyewitness said.

The child is a student at Castro Elementary in Mission.

Police say he was hit while running across Citriana Street towards his mother, away from designated areas with school crossing guards.

"He veered off... And he decided to go with the traffic... But he crossed... This jeep was traveling westbound... A green Jeep Cherokee and he ended up hitting him," Corporal Manuel Casas with the Mission Police Department said.

Eyewitnesses don't place the blame squarely on the boy.

"He must have been going about 40 [mph]," Vernon said.

The posted school speed limit is reduced to just 20 miles per hour before and after school.

"Everybody's here and everything... And still he's going fast... You can see that the school is already out," Vernon explained.

Police say the driver behind the wheel of a 1999-2000 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee fled the scene with a child in the backseat.

"As soon as he hit the child...He left... He continued... Actually he sped off," the corporal explained.

Vernon's description sheds even more light on the apparent hit and run.

"He just kept going... He stopped up here... But then he just took off again."

This is the second Castro Elementary student to be hit by a car this school year, according to police.

Craig Verley, spokesperson with Mission C.I.S.D. says great measures have been taken to safeguard the area.

"If we need to make changes we will," he said. "The traffic patterns and crossing points we do use at all of our schools... Those decisions are made in conjunction with the Mission Police Department."

The child is expected to fully recover.

But Corporal Casas admits speeders need to be zapped.

"That's why we're glad [Speedzapper] you're out here doing that."

His officers are constantly patrolling Mission school zones.

But they can't be everywhere all the time.

He hopes this accident will serve as a reminder to all drivers about the importance of watching their surroundings.

Vernon fears the next student may not be so lucky.

The vehicle matching the description from eyewitnesses was seized by Mission police late Tuesday evening.

It TMll be processed as part of the criminal investigation.

The identity of the driver is expected to be released once he TMs formally charged.

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