Streets of Speed - 'Fibber' and 'Fumbler' zapped before school starts

Speeders were reminded about the dangers of driving fast on the eve of the first day of school outside the Brownsville Montessori Academy.

Beth Garza, the academy's director, said the zapping helped to start the school year off on the right foot.

She said safety is paramount for her students.

"Drive slow...Because you never know... Parents are pulling out... Children are walking into cars.," she said.

The Brownsville Police Department hopes a zero tolerance approach to speeding, seatbelt, and cell phone violators in school zones will get drivers into gear.

Speedzapper: "Why the zero tolerance?"

Officer: "Children's safety comes first."

Folks who live on South Coria Street where the academy hoped the Streets of Speed episode will help get the message out before it's too late.

"People drive down this street just way too fast," Ron Bentley said.

Bentley watched the zapping on Tuesday from across the street at his home.

"Maybe it'll slow them down."

BPD's community affairs officer, Alex Alviar, busted a number of speeders using his patrol car's radar.

He stood outside his unit and flagged lawbreakers to pull over for a ticket.

Two tickets were issued on Coria Street.

The speed limit is 20 miles per hour at all times.

Most school zones across the City of Brownsville have a 20 mph speed limit as well, Officer Alviar said.

Maria Sierra was busted on police radar 12 miles per hour over the limit.

She told Officer Alviar that she was trying to avoid traffic on Central Boulevard and was unfamiliar with the speed limit on Coria Street.

Joshua Valdez tried to get out of his ticket by telling the officer three different speeds.

Officer Alviar said he clocked him at 28 mph.

Joshua: "Can I have your name sir."

Officer: "Officer Alviar sir.

Joshua: "You know I was going like 20 or 15."

He told the Speedzapper and the officer he was driving 25 as well.

Joshua demanded the Speedzapper stop filming him citing so-called privacy laws.

He eventually rolled up his window during the on-camera interview in an attempt to stop the filming.

Most school district kick off the school year on Monday.

Law enforcement reminds drivers to ensure everyone in a vehicle is properly restrained.

Most police departments have a zero tolerance with speeding, cell phone and seatbelt laws in school zones.

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