Streets of Speed - First drivers zapped in 2012, speeder blames potholes

The start of a new year for zapping brings fireworks of the speeder kind.

"You're the first person to be zapped in 2012 for speeding," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said to a driver named Joe Sanchez.

Welcome to Alberta Road between Raul Longoria and I Road.This Hidalgo County stretch is narrow in spots, lined with homes and filled with kids who play near and walk the street."It's the New Year... Do you think speeders are going to get the message to slow down," Ryan asked to a driver who lives in the area?

"No," Marlon Carmona responded.

"They'll still keep on doing it."

Results on the Speedzapper's radar showed speeders pushed well beyond the posted limit.

"Look at this on the radar... 57... And he's still speeding up," Ryan said.

Keep in mind that the posted speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

What are the reasons for breaking the law?

Just listen to what Noe Garcia tells the Speedzapper.

He's zapped at 46 mph.

"I try to go fast because of the speed bump," Noe said. "Cause it feels like it's going slower."

"Explain that," Ryan asked.

"The speed bump... You know...Like the pot holes," Noe said.

"So you want to go faster through the holes... Does that make any sense," Ryan asked?

"It's just so many... You know what I mean," Noe said?

Another driver caught on the Speedzapper's radar sped off during the interview.

The microphone can be heard being hit by the fleeing vehicle.

But can there be change on Alberta Road?

"What's the speed limit say right there," the Speedzapper asked.

"30," speeder Joe Sanchez answered.

"You got a trailer in the back... This is a narrow bridge... it's dangerous," the Speedzapper responded.

"I understand," he said.

Noe Garcia is the second person of 2012 to be zapped at 46 mph.

"Any message for other drivers at home," the Speedzapper asked?

"Watch out," he said. "Keep to the speed limit."

Marlon feels more optimistic about the future on Alberta Road after the zapping on Tuesday afternoon.

It looks like hopefully we can make a change down here or something."

Only time will tell.

"You've been zapped," Marlon said about speeders. Click on this link to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook page

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