Streets of Speed - HCISD bus driver 'zapped' to face disciplinary action

A mother picking up her child from school, a man helping his mother move, and a bus driver about to start his route all have something in common outside Moises V. Vela Middle School in Harlingen"they get zapped for speeding. The campus is located on South Palm Boulevard. The Valley's own "one tough grandmother" says she's fed up with the road ruckus where she lives. "That's why I said lets stop... Because I have been trying to call you at the station... To let you know about the speeders," Elvia Howell said. She isn't alone. Adan Gutierrez works right across the street from the school at Park Place Estates RV Resort. "You gotta drive what the speed limit says.... 20 miles per hour," he points out. Many people wonder why drivers ignore the double yellow blinking school zone warning lights posted on both ends of the street. Lawbreakers caught on camera are questioned by the Speedzapper to find out. "I'm supposed to be going 20... Was I going over," asked one parent? She was speeding 30 miles per hour Tuesday afternoon. Manuel Torres was driving 31 miles per hour. "I think I should obey the law," he said. Elvia has been waiting to see results here for a long time. 80 years young, she thinks plenty of drivers could learn from her experience. "When I see people walking... I slow down. When I see somebody working on a ditch or something...

Close to the road... I slow down... And other cars just go around me," she said. Then there's the driver behind the wheel of bus #118 in the HCISD. Don Hilario knows he was busted for Speeding. He even admits he was breaking the speed limit law. Speedzapper: "Do you know how fast you were going?" Bus Driver: "32." Speedzapper: "The zapper says 33... Speed limit's 20." Bus Driver: "Yes sir I know." Turns out the bus driver in question had just arrived to pick up kids at Vela. There were no signs that he was late.

Speedzapper: "You're a school bus driver... In a district bus... What do you think your boss would say?" Bus Driver: "Probably write me up." He agrees to slow down. Others zapped make a similar promise. "Yea... I'll slow down," Torres says. You know what we say to that! "You've been zapped!"


"Student, staff and community safety is our top priority at HCISD. Driving at the posted speed limits creates safer driving conditions. Bringing awareness to this issue, especially in school zones, is most warranted and appreciated. We take these matters very seriously and any time there is unsafe driving reported about one of our bus drivers a review is conducted and appropriate action is taken. We appreciate Channel 4 and Mr. Wolf in their efforts to create a safer environment for our children and our community."

Dr. Steve FloresSuperintendent of SchoolsHarlingen Consolidated Independent School District

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