Streets of Speed - Holiday zapping nets ex-cop and Mercedes ISD worker

It was supposed to be a display of high fives and handshakes as the Speedzapper set out to showcase all of the good little boy and girl drivers.

But instead of thanking drivers outside Mercedes High School just before the holidays, there was plenty of zapping as a school parent, retired Mercedes police officer and a Mercedes ISD worker were busted on radar for speeding.

Speedzapper: "What do you think Santa would say?"

Anita: "I've been naughty."

Speedzapper: "You're speeding in a school zone and you work the district?"

Luis: "I thought I was going 20."

Speedzapper: "What does it say?"

Luis: "33."

Speedzapper: "My mission was to thank drivers for going the speed limit... Would you know that most of them are not going the speed limit?"

Raul: "Myself included... How fast was I going?"

Speedzapper: "28."

Experts attribute a spike in speeds ahead of the holidays to distracted driving.

The Speedzapper catches speeds in the low, mid and upper 30's on radar.

One driver is busted more than double the 20 mph school zone limit.

They're speeds that put students at risk, according to retired Mercedes police officer Raul Barrera who was also zapped.

"I back you up a hundred percent... Cause I think you're doing good for the community and hopefully people will see you and drive slower," he said.

Speedzapper: "Do you think I'll be thanking anybody today?"

Raul: "I doubt it... But I wish you luck."

Perhaps his luck helped out.

The radar on one of the very next drivers locked in on 12 miles per hour.

Who's behind this Streets of Speed Christmas miracle?

It turns out to be the Anita, the school parent zapped earlier in the afternoon.

She returned in hopes of getting back on the good girl's driving list.

Speedzapper: "Did you do that on purpose or what?"

Anita: "Yes!"

Just when all hope is lost, it's a Rudolph look-a-like vehicle, with a red nose on the front grill and antlers sticking out of the windows, that helps to bring a happy ending.

Speedzapper: "Look at your speed... 20... I've got to thank you."

Luis Moreno: "You're welcome."

Speedzapper: "Thank you for doing what's right... Do you usually obey the speed limit?"

Luis Moreno: "I deliver medication so I've got to follow the rules and all that stuff."

You know what we say to that?

You TMve been zapped!

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