Streets of Speed - Hutto Road speeders in Donna are zapped

420 Scobey Avenue in Donna is a home constantly under threat from speeders.

Mary Nobel lives there.

She said all someone has to do is stand outside and listen to understand her safety concern.

"Like a train is coming or something like that," she said.

But it's not the loud noises that concern her rather her fear where a speeder might end up.

"We think the cars are going to come into the house."

Brick columns offer the property some level of protection.

Nobel said she doesn't sleep on the side of the house that faces Hutto Road.

That's where she said drivers constantly disobey the posted 30 mph speed limit.

Nobel called on the Speedzapper for help.

"If you can do something it feels good," she said.

Those who live further into the subdivision understand the family's fear.

"Cause they're kids and they could hit a pothole and lose control of their vehicle and they'll go to other side into a house or something like that," Lisa Venegas said.

Plenty of speeders were zapped on radar along Hutto Road.

They were driving at least 10 miles per hour over the limit.

Some were speeding much faster than that.

Venegas said she wasn't surprised to hear drivers speeding 50, even 60 miles per hour.

"This is just a regular thing," Venegas said about the speeds.

Police Chief Ram De Leon said city crews will install a speed limit sign in the southbound direction.

There was only one sign posted between Old Business 83 and the Expressway.

The chief added how the area was residential and that speeders would be ticketed.

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