Streets of Speed - Infamous gum-thrower apologizes to Speedzapper

Dora Garcia has been haunted by her actions on Streets of Speed for the last 4 years.

"Cause that's not me," she said. "That's not the type of person that I am... And people see me in that manner because that's how they've seen me."

It was in March 2007 when Dora was zapped for speeding near PSJA North along Eldora Road.

This is what was said in the interview that followed:

Dora: "You know what... *flashes the finger* f**k you.

Speedzapper: "Wonderful."

Dora: "Get out of my face."

Speedzapper: "We're not in your face. You're the one with the potty mouth. We just care about the kids ... Keep it safe."

Dora: "You know what screw you."

But it wasn't just her minute-long, foul-mouthed tirade that landed her as the most infamous speeder on Streets of Speed, Dora also launched her gum at the Speedzapper in a final act of defiance.

Dora admits that move seemingly altered the course of her life.

Speedzapper: "You're getting emotional right now."

Dora: "Yes."Speedzapper: "How come?"

Dora: "Because it has impacted me in so many ways... It's gotten me depressed... It's made me feel like I can't find a job... And it makes me feel like people just look at me... For what they saw that night and not for who I really am."

Dora says she's learned a lot since that SOS episode years ago.

She works hard not to speed, treats others with respect and now understands the purpose behind the weekly zapping on Action 4 News, according to Dora.

She even has advice for drivers who may be featured on the program.

"I regret it because... I could have handled it in a very different way... I could have said yes you know what I was speeding... I need to slow down. I was very upset at first... And I decided to approach you and let you know that I was very sorry for the way I acted and the way I treated you and I do apologize for throwing my gum at you."

Her sincere apology was not only accepted but embraced the Speedzapper.

Speedzapper: "We're never going to forget you in a positive manner because of what you did today... Give me a hug... We hope things obviously turn around for you."

Dora Garcia is living proof how good can come from zapping.

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