Streets of Speed - ISD worker 'zapped' outside Raymondville High

A longtime Raymondville ISD maintenance worker is "zapped" outside Raymondville High School for speeding more than double the 15 mph school zone speed limit.

Speedzapper: "What's it say on radar?"

Roger: "31."

He wasn't the only driver caught on the Speedzapper's radar Tuesday afternoon.

A grandmother with two young children in her van was double the limit too.

Speedzapper: "How fast do you think you were going?"

Sandra: "About 35."

Zuniga said he knows his actions were a poor example for the district.

"Very bad," he said.

The grandmother who identified herself as "Sandra" had her own message for potential speeders in the area.

"Don't do it," she said.

Raymondville High School senior Carlos Rodriguez said he wasn't fully convinced the speeding would stop.

"Kids are gonna get hurt."

Rodriguez said the side of the school near 10th Street and Rivers Avenue is a speeder's paradise, with little to no law in sight.

Speedzapper: "For every 10 cars... How many are speeding?"

Carlos: "10."

Speeding may be the lesser of two wrongs for Sandra.

That's because she was also caught with two unrestrained young children inside her van.

The Speedzapper asked for both to be buckled up before she drove away from the area.

Sandra complied.

Rodriguez called the zapping in his community a "success."

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