Streets of Speed - Liberty Middle School zone in Pharr gets zapped

Stormy weather has flooded the construction site for a new Boys and Girls Club near Liberty Middle School.

Water is being pumped on to Fir Street.

Drivers claim to be distracted when they splash through the water.

Or at least that's how the story goes from one speeder who is zapped 10 miles per hour over the limit.

"I was worried about the water being pumped out and the kids being splashed," Kelly Williams said.

Drivers shouldn TMt exceed 20 mph or use a cell phone in the school zone.

Both road rules are ignored.

Speedzapper: You're speeding 38 miles per hour. How come you're going so fast?

Speeder: I'm late to pick up my kid.

It's a selfish excuse in the eyes of some.

Genaro Alvarez tries his best to protect students.

He TMs a crossing guard for the PSJA Independent School District.

"They should respect the school zones," he said. "It only takes just seconds to go through school zones and then they can proceed with their speed."

A Pharr police officer is spotted on the street.

He's in an SUV that stands out like a sore thumb.

Mirlu Ponce misses it all together and drivers past the officer on a cell phone, according to her admission.

She gets a ticket as a result.

The evidence is still in her hand when the Speedzapper interviewed her.

"I was calling a relative in the hospital," she said.

Crystal Ybarra and Karina Rios, both middle school students, don't feel bad for the lawbreakers who get zapped.

"Get 'em... No mercy!"

The Speedzapper catches drivers in the low to upper 30's.

Even a school bus driver is busted for breaking the speed law at 28 mph.

Speedzapper: What's going to happen with speeds like that next to the kids?

Parent: It's very dangerous.

Genaro's happy to see the attention outside the school.

For him, when it comes to student safety, any publicity is good publicity.

The people will notice that you're also concerned about the speeders... you know... And maybe it will eliminate some of them from speeding."

It only takes one careless driver to cause a serious accident.

Law-abiding drivers hope those who don't follow the law, shape up soon, before the new Boys and Girls Club opens up next to the school.

The fear is, with even more kids soon-to-be on the street, it's only a matter of time before potential consequences associated with poor driving habits unfold.

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