Streets of Speed - Man on test drive 'zapped' in McAllen school zone

Drivers are zapped doing bad things outside Fields Elementary School on West Dallas Avenue in McAllen.

"Are you on a test drive," the Speedzapper asked one driver.

"Yes," he responded.

"You're test driving this sucker pretty fast at 34 miles per hour."

The speed limit's reduced to 20 miles per hour.

But it's not just speeders who get zapped.

Cell phone and seatbelt violators are also caught on camera at the school zone.

"Are you about to pull out on to the street without buckling your little girl," the Speedzapper asked? "You know that's against the law, right?"

"Yea," the unidentified driver responded.

"And you're not wearing a seatbelt either," the Speedzapper further probed?

"I'm about to... Put on your seatbelt," he also said to his daughter.

The Speedzapper has a field day outside of the elementary school.

One driver with three kids in the back seat were all caught not wearing safety belts.

She says her kids aren't able too because the seatbelts are broken.

Nancy Gonzalez gets double zapped for speeding at 31 miles per hour and no seatbelt on her child.

Speedzapper: "We've been waiting for you... See the speed on radar... That's your speed pulling into the school."

Nancy: "Oh."

Speedzapper: "Any reason why you're so fast?"

Nancy: "Cause I was late picking up my son."

Speedzapper: "He's not buckled up?"

Nancy: "He took it off right now."

Victor Chapa isn't surprised to hear what turns up on camera outside the school.

After all, he was just rear-ended in the parking lot with kids in his vehicle.

"It's real bad," he said.

McAllen ISD police take a report at the scene.

They also patrol the street with the Speedzapper near.

Victor believes the Speedzapper's visit will straighten up some drivers.

"It'll make people more aware... So incidents like this don't happen."

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